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July 2024
July 2024

Unveiling the Hidden Mastery

Did Women Shape the Legacy of Ancient Greek Ceramics?

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Rediscovering Value

The lost art of ATTIC BLACK glazed ware.

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Attic Black is proud to capitalise on years of extensive scientific research in ancient Greek ceramic craftsmanship, specialising in functional tableware and exclusive gift collections.

All ceramics are hand-thrown or hand modelled, hand painted with clay-based slips and the colours emerge during firing.

They are free of toxic elements or acrylic materials and are not affected by usual liquids (tea, coffee, wine, vinegar, oil, detergents) or exposure to heat.



I just received my package with the toys.
Wonderful. Thank you so much.


April 12, 2024. Margaret T. La Jonquera, Spain

Arrived today in perfect condition, very beautifully
made. Very happy with this item. 
Many thanks.

February 19, 2024. Tom R, Georgia USA


I wish to convey my appreciation for the exceptional black set you supplied. It effortlessly combines contemporary elegance with genuine ancient charm! I look forward with enthusiasm to arranging an ancient Greek meal using this superb dinnerware.

Thanks once more.

January 13, 2024, J.B., Helsinki Finland

A few moments ago, I received the package sent by you for my request for "Toys from the Greek period". Reviewed and checked they have arrived perfectly. I also inform you that my satisfaction
is enormous, for the great work done in the objects received.

These pieces will be on display from Monday 10th of this year, in the showcases of the Museo Etnolúdico de Galicia (MELGA) located in Ponteceso- A Coruña-Galicia (Spain), which deals with the "Chronological history of traditional games and sports through the ages " and "Traditional games and sports"

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