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September, 2022
September, 2022

Digging Kits

Our excavation and conservation kits combine hours of fun with an opportunity to learn about ancient Greek society and history. Discover the meaning of “Ostracism” in Athenian Democracy, the aspects of Greek mythology, the prehistoric Mycenaean world, and the Bronze Age Cycladic culture.

With simple instructions, a safe wooden digging tool, a small toothbrush, a hobby glue, a protective dust mask, and smart packaging, turn into an archaeologist and dig up a handmade and unique ceramic finding.

The digging kits are made up of fragments of randomly broken decorated plaques (i.e. pinax) or a small vase inspired by ancient prototypes. Enjoy re-assembling these 2D or 3D puzzles to create unique Archaeological Artefacts for your collection.  

Begin your Archeological experience with our Gods & Heroes, Mycenaean Ceramics, or Ostracism in Athens Digging Kits.