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May 2024
May 2024


“Αthyrmata” (plur. of athyrma) is the ancient Greek word for toys as opposed to games: animal figurines, marbles (spheria), knucklebones (astragaloi), miniature vases, whistles, spinning tops (stromvos), buzzers (lynx), rattles (platagi).  We have mixed at least four of those objects to create a fun “Toy Box”, perfect for girls and boys.

Our ceramic toys are all hand modeled or wheel-thrown and hand-painted before firing. As they do not contain any toxic substances or especially small parts, they are safe to be used by children, preferably under adult supervision due to the possibility of breakage.

Based on ancient toys from Museum collections in Greece and abroad such as the Athens Agora, the Kerameikos Museum, the Louvre and the British Museum, they make the perfect gift for kids and adults.