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July 2024
July 2024
Unveiling the Hidden Mastery: Did Women Shape the Legacy of Ancient Greek Ceramics?

Unveiling the Hidden Mastery: Did Women Shape the Legacy of Ancient Greek Ceramics?

In the pursuit of unraveling ancient mysteries, an awe-inspiring narrative emerges from the grandeur of the Dipylon amphora, an imposing clay relic from ancient Greece. Silhouetted figures grace its midsection, engaging in a captivating funeral scene, while intricate geometric patterns dance around the vase, framing the evocative tableau. Often attributed to the legendary Dipylon Master, a presumed male craftsman, the gendered narrative surrounding Greece's iconic pottery is challenged in a groundbreaking 2020 article by Sarah Murray and her undergraduate students from the University of Toronto.

This paradigm-shifting piece contends that women played a pivotal role in crafting ceramics during a crucial period in ancient Greek history, the enigmatic Early Iron Age (1050 B.C. to 700 B.C.). As society underwent transformations, marked by economic and political shifts, women emerged as leaders in pottery production. The iconic shift to geometric art on pottery, previously linked to male artisans, is reinterpreted as a connection to weaving, a domain predominantly associated with women.

Funeral scenes on the pottery underscore women's contributions, aligning with historical roles in burial rituals. Murray's argument gained support from various strands of evidence, prompting scholars to reassess preconceived notions about gender roles in ancient craftsmanship. Beyond identifying individual artisans, Murray challenges scholars to scrutinize evidence rigorously, free from modern biases.

In a parallel narrative, the ATTIC BLACK studio in Athens, run by women with diverse scientific and artistic backgrounds, mirrors this revival of ancient craft, echoing Murray's call for a fresh perspective in archaeological fieldwork.

From Attic Black to you - Happy Women's Day! 🥂

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