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April 2024
April 2024
Summer Holidays, August 1-27, 2023

Summer Holidays, August 1-27, 2023

Dear Friends,

We’re off on our annual summer vacation, to recharge our batteries and get inspired by the endless blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

So, please continue to order from our E-Shop, but please excuse the August delivery delays.

Happy Summer and Make Memories!


Attic Black Team


Although this August, @theatticblack and @theattickblackshop will be enjoying the Greek Islands, we still want to keep in touch.

How to reach us in August:

☀️ DM us for any questions

☀️ Visit our E-Shop to make any purchase

☀️ E-Mail us for any inquiries

Roman girls in "bikinis" - A mosaic from the Villa Romana del Casale

One of many beautiful mosaics from a large Roman villa near Piazza Armerina, Sicily, features girls dressed in what look like bikinis.

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