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June 2024
June 2024
The types of Pottery in ancient Greece: transport and tableware

The types of Pottery in ancient Greece: transport and tableware

Clay vessels are the remains of ancient Greek civilization, which have been preserved in greater numbers than other ancient works. In ancient times the most important centers for the production of ceramic products were Attica, Corinth, while other centers are located in Boeotia, Euboea, the Cyclades, eastern Greece, and Laconia. Laboratories of classical times have been found in Etruria, as well as in places in southern Italy and Sicily. Unused decorative pottery for storage, transport of liquids, cooking, and other household purposes, would be produced in almost all regions of the ancient world.......

Vessels used for Mixing and Cooling Wine


The ancient Greeks rarely drank pure wine, they diluted it. The krater was the vessel in which water was mixed with wine. Over the years there were many variations of the vessel but its main features were the narrow base the wide body and the two handles.

We can divide the kraters into four types, depending on the handles and the body:

a) column-krater

b) volute-krater

c) calyx-krater

d) bell-krater


A wine cooling vessel. The psykter was a vessel with a narrow cylindrical body that widened as it ascended and took the shape of a bulb to reach a narrow rim. They filled it with cold water and placed it in the crater, to keep the wine cool.


The lever was a deep and open vessel, usually without handles, with a large curve in the shoulders narrowing at the neck, which was low and had protruding lips. It was used for mixing wine (like the krater) or for cooking, especially the copper ones. It rested on an independent base or tripods. The vase depictions show that it was given as a prize in competitions or that it was used as a serving vessel at banquets.


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