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June 2024
June 2024

THETIS Cycladic Cooking Pot with lid


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Handcrafted cooking pots inspired by the traditional ceramic casseroles found in mainland Greece and the Balkans. These age-old vessels have been utilized globally since ancient times.

THETIS' cooking pots are crafted from white clay using the coiling technique. Adorned with clay slips produced in-house, they undergo firing using the ancient 3-stage method, resulting in the characteristic black hue of the slips while improving sintering and vitrification at lower temperatures.

Our pots are compatible with gas stoves and both gas and electric ovens, suitable for use at any temperature. Particularly ideal for slow cooking in wood-burning ovens. All materials utilized are environmentally safe

approx. Dimensions, H: 23cm, RimD: 27cm, MaxL: 35cm, Volume 5lts (5,3 quarts)