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July 2024
July 2024

Thetis bell-shaped plangona doll

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Alpha-Phi 21 / Dec 2021 edition

This unique, bell-shaped female doll, inspired by 7th century archaic prototypes from Boeotia, is bearing similar painted decoration. The bell-shaped body is wheel thrown and shaped to an ellipse. The neck, head and hands are then connected to the body. The decoration is based on the use of clay slips that acquire their colour by firing. The legs are made separately and are attached after firing with linen or leather strips. Finally every doll is decorated with polychrome threads of wool, decorated ceramic beads or
faience beads, thus becoming unique. 

The Dec 2021 edition was designed to celebrate the 12 years of production of our bell-shaped dolls starting in May 2009 when they were first sold at the shop of the new Acropolis Museum and became its best selling item. 

For our online exhibition, we've curated a collection of twelve dolls with varied decorations, each meticulously reproduced. As each doll is handmade, every piece is distinct and unique, resulting in slight variations from the ones depicted in the photos. All dolls are signed and numbered.

Dimensions approx.  H: 26 cm, L: 12 cm, W: 8 cm