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June 2024
June 2024

South Italian Konakis Crater

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The black glazed crater (or krater) is based on an ancient prototype from South Italy, Gnathia, ca. 350 BCE, now at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

The front side of the bowl depicts a comic actor costumed as an old man running with cakes and fruits falling from his cloak. The back side shows a woman standing with her body nearly full front on the left, and with her profile to right. The colours are of a flesh coloured white, with yellow details. The drapery are detailed through incised lines on black. The figures probably represent a misadventure of an old lover bringing a gift to a young courtesan. The crater was originally used in symposia as a mixing bowl of wine with water.   

Our South Italian Konakis Crater made in 2019, is the perfect addition for your home's decoration. It can be used as a vase for flowers, a wine cooler or only for display. 

H: 29cm, maxL: 28cm.