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March, 2023
March, 2023

South Italian Calyx Crater

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Our South Italian Calyx Crater is the perfect design addition  to be used as a vase for flowers, or other decorations, in your home. It is part of our Exclusive Decorated Wheel-made collection.

The red figure small calyx crater was originally made in the Asteas-Python Workshop and is a reproduction of an original from Paestum, ca. 330 BCE. The original was sold by Royal Athena Galleries (Product number PK0998, priced at $14,500).

On one side of the vase, the depiction shows a young satyr, seated to the left, on a stylized floral. He wears boots with rolled down tops (embades), a white wreath, and white-beaded thigh-chain and bandoleer. In his left hand is a thyrsos tied with a fillet; in his right hand is a “skewer of fruit” and a fillet. On the other side of the vase, a nude youth stands with one hand resting on his hip and one foot resting on a stylized floral.

The shape of the vase is very rare among Paestan vases, although the decoration in applied red, bell kraters, are much more common. The original is an ex German collection, the John Kluge collection, in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was acquired from Royal-Athena in 1988 for the Patricia Kluge collection, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Dimensions: Height:18cm, Rim Dimension:16cm

Hand crafted by ATTIC BLACK at the THETIS Workshop. First made in 2018.