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July 2024
July 2024

RF Hermes and Paris large Lekythos

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from THETIS Cabinet (one-of-a-kind)

Red figure large lekyhtos (oil-flask) depicting the god Hermes and the prince of Troy Paris, well known from the Judgement of Paris which was one of the events that led up to the Trojan War. 

Based on an original from the Museum of Cycladic Art (Athens) attributed to the "Phiale Painter"(450 - 425 BCE). The iconographic theme appears in Athenian vase painting around 575 BC, and the main scene includes the three goddesses (Hera, Athena and Aphrodite), who were led to Paris by the messenger of the gods, Hermes. The prince of Troy is depicted as a bearded man, usually sitting on a rocky ledge - implying mount Ida / Troy - and rather reluctant to choose the most beautiful goddess. The goddesses are omitted in this vase, while Paris seems to realise the difficult task assigned to him by Hermes and to feel the calamity that will happen in his homeland, since the awarding of the apple-prize to Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess will be will be one of the reasons for the outbreak of the Trojan War.

The red figure Hermes and Paris lekythos was painted in 2008 and remained in the collection of THETIS. It bears a professional restoration near its base, which is hardly visible to the naked eye. 

H: 42,3 cm, MaxL: 14cm, rimD: 7,5 cm