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July 2024
July 2024

RF 'Sack of Troy' Hydria

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Red Figure Hydria by the Kleophades painter

from THETIS Cabinet

A very accurate reproduction of the original kalpis (hydria)  at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli), attributed to the Kleophrades painter, ca 480 BC.  A multi-figure narrative encircling the shoulder of the vase is very unusual on this shape. The detailed rendering of the Sack of Troy was painted shortly after the Persians had invaded Athens and sacked the Acropolis: a contemporary event is associated with the mythical past. 

From handle left to right: Aeneas flees, with his father Anchises on his back and his son Askanios leading the way. Cassandra holds on to the Palladion, beseeching Ajax not to harm her. Priam, who took refuge at an altar, holds the body of Astyanax, already killed by Neopotolemos, on his lap. A woman attacks with a pestle, others mourn.

One of two vases made during the period Nov-Dec 2014 for the BBC Four documentary Treasures of Greece, which was partly filmed at THETIS' workshop. 

Dimensions H: 37cm , MaxL: 40cm