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April 2024
April 2024

Maenad Calyx Krater

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Red Figure Maenad calyx krater

The small calyx krater is inspired by an original Paestan red-figure bell krater at the National Gallery of Victoria and is considered to be an early work of the painter Asteas, therefore datable to about 360–350 BC. 

On the main side a youthful maenad offering a sprig of ivy as she leans nonchalantly against a pillar, is an exact reproduction of the original female figure depicting Dionysus and a maenad. She also holds a comic mask representing an old slave, an object indicating that, among his many functions, Dionysos presides over the theatre.

On the back an anthemion, characteristic decorative element on the original vase. 

Dimensions H: 18cm, RimD: 16cm

Hand crafted by ATTIC BLACK at the THETIS Workshop. First made in May 2018.