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July 2024
July 2024

BG oil-lamp large

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Black glazed oil- lamp, based on an original from the ancient mine galleries mid 5th cent BCE. 

Oil lamps and torches constituted the primary sources of illumination during the nighttime. Oil lamps, much like wheel-thrown ceramic pots, were crafted to offer light within interior spaces. A typical small oil lamp, equipped with one to three wicks, could remain lit for up to ten hours using just a single refill of olive oil. On the other hand, torches were primarily employed for outdoor lighting and were constructed from bound wooden strips, often coated with animal fat or natural tar.

The oil lamps of our collection are inspired and follow closely the shapes and sizes of 6th to 3rd century prototypes. They are undecorated or black glazed, with one to three wick holes and can be used with olive oil and readily available wick

H: 5,5cm, maxL: 13cm, rimD: 9cm