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April 2024
April 2024

Odysseus and Circe Astragalos - Black figure Knucklebone

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A large knucklebone with a black figure comic-like depiction of Odysseus with Circe and an apotropaic eye decoration 

In the first scene, the witch Circe tries to persuade the old Odysseus who holds his sword to drink her magic potion. Odysseus draws his sword and acts as if he were going to attack her following the advice of Hermes. A humorous scene from a Boeotian - Kabirian skyphos of the early 4th c. BC in the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford).  On the other side the depiction of an eye is an apotropaic symbol common in antiquity and has survived to this day in amulets and talismans.  

Dimensions H:5cm, L:8cm, W:4cm