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July 2024
July 2024

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The products include ancient toys (dolls, marbles, astragalus bones, iynx, spinning tops, figurines), digging kits and puzzles, jewellery, tableware (drinking vessels, plates and other black glazed pottery from the ancient Athens Agora), cooking pots and artefacts inspired by the Prehistoric pottery of the Cyclades and Thessaly. 

They are classified according to type, style and availability. Don't miss the objects from the Thetis' Cabinet /One-of-a-kind items, which were made during the first decade of our experimental production at THETIS Workshop.

ATTIC BLACK ceramics are hand-thrown or hand modelled, hand painted with clay-based slips and the colours emerge during firing. They are free of toxic elements or acrylic materials and are not affected by usual liquids (tea, coffee, wine, vinegar, oil, detergents) or exposure to heat.